Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Grateful for

Today i am grateful for my son Mikey....... He is the best and i love him. He has put up with alot latey. We have my oldest son Seth and his wife April and their 2 kids living at our home. Mikey has been gracious enough to give up his room and the privacy that goes along with that. His playstation his toys, his dressers where his clothes are. They have a little girl who is almost 4 and has absolutely been allowed to ruin his stuff. And he is expected to just accept that. So today i am grateful that he is not like that. That he is kind and generous and yes sometimes he can be a little boy and be mean to her. But for what he has to put up with he is a great little dude. :) I Love ya Mikey and this wont last forever. ( I hope) But we are being taught how to be of service to people who need help. :) And we will clean up your room and you will get it back to do whatever you want in it. Love your Mom

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